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 Paladin's Tanking Cycle

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PostSubject: Paladin's Tanking Cycle   Mon Mar 02, 2009 7:11 am

Ok this is for people who like Paladins Tank like me Very Happy

I am just telling u people the cycle which can generate Threat Pretty fast n if u continue using this Cycle its esay for u keep up ur aggro on every boss. Ok the Cycle is as follows:

1) Righteous Fury
2) Holy Sheild (This should always be kept up)
3) Seal of Crusader
4) Judgement of Crusader
5) Consecration
6) Seal of Righteous

This is the Cycle to be followed after ur Judgement Cooldown is finished u start from step 2 or 3 which is needed if u Holy Sheild is down then u follow from Step to Otherwise u follow from Step 3.

Well i hope this post may be helpful to you guys.


XenoLitH / Purestealth
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Paladin's Tanking Cycle
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