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 Useful Warlock Macros

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Useful Warlock Macros Empty
PostSubject: Useful Warlock Macros   Useful Warlock Macros EmptyThu Feb 19, 2009 7:22 am

Destroying Shaman totems
/petattack [target=Tremor Totem];
[target=Grounding Totem];
[target=Earthbind Totem];


This will make your current target focused, and even display an additional unit frame in for that target. You can target another player then, and use the following macro to cast on focused target without deselecting your current target:

/cast [pet:Felhunter,target=focus] Devour Magic
/cast [target=focus] Fear (Rank 6)

Use ranged slot
/cast [equipped:Wand] Shoot; Master Spellstone

Recast Drain Life/Mana

/cast [nochanneling:Drain Life] Drain Life
/cast [nochanneling:Drain Life] Drain Mana

Easy Devour Magic
/cast Corruption(Rank 8 )
/cast [pet:Felhunter, target=yourname]Devour Magic(Rank 6)
/cast [pet:Felhunter]Devour Magic(Rank 6)

This is absolutely brilliant. You can even replace Corruption on your bars with this macro - first, it will cast Corruption on your target, then, if there’s any magic effects on you your pet will automatically dispel them, and if there are none, it will Devour a magic effect from your target.

Here’s another version which people usually use for arenas:

/cast Corruption(Rank
/cast [pet:Felhunter, target=teammate]Devour Magic(Rank 6)
/cast [pet:Felhunter, target=yourname]Devour Magic(Rank 6)
/cast [pet:Felhunter]Devour Magic(Rank 6)

Replace teammate and yourname with appropriate names. This will basically do the same as previous macro, but will first try to Devour Magic on your team mate. Excellent for fast dispel of Polymorph, Hammer of Justice, or similar effects from your healer.

You could use the following macro if you don’t want any additional spell cast.

/cast [pet=felhunter, target=yourname] Devour Magic(Rank 6)
/cast [pet=felhunter] Devour Magic(Rank 6)

First, it Devours from you, and if there is nothing to devour then it will devour on your current target.

The following macro will Devour Magic on you, and if shift is pressed it will Devour on your current target:

/cast [modifier:shift, pet:Felhunter] Devour Magic; [pet:Felhunter, target=yourname] Devour Magic

Announce summon in raid/party

/script local C; if(GetNumRaidMembers()==0) then C = “PARTY” else C = “RAID” end
SendChatMessage(”Summoning %t to << “..GetMinimapZoneText()..” >>. Please assist.”, C)
/cast Ritual of Summoning

If you’re in a raid, it will announce in raid chat, and in party chat if you’re in a party.

Use Healthstone
/use Master Healthstone
/use Major Healthstone

It’s my panic button! This macro will use your healthstone even when you’re casting a spell - good when that warrior suddenly smacks you to 20% hp. If Master Healthstone is already used, it will use Major. Sure, they share the same cooldown, but my fights often last more than 5 minutes so often enough I use two.

Use highest rank Healthstone
#show Master Healthstone
/use item:22105
/use item:22104
/use item:22103
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

This one’s even better. It automatically chooses the highest rank HS for you. VERY useful for PvP and Raids alike; you only need one button!

Summoning with Fel Domination
/cast Fel Domination
/cast Summon Voidwalker (Summon)
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Useful Warlock Macros
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